Magic Bullet The Deluxe 22 Piece Blender Set


The Magic Bullet Deluxe blender is small and compact, taking up only as much counter space as a coffee mug. It is simple to use; you just press down on the top of the cups to blend, and it blends most ingredients in 10 seconds or less. In our Magic Bullet review we found that the Magic Bullet’s blending secret is its bullet shaped design and specially designed blades that automatically spin the ingredients into the cutting zone with a powerful force.

High-Torque Base – The Magic Bullet Deluxe has a 250 watt power base that can be used with all attachments.

Cross Blade and Flat Blade – The Bullet Deluxe comes with 2 types of blades. The flat blade is used more for hard foods like nuts and coffee beans while the cross blade is used more for chopping and grating things like vegetables and cheeses. Both types of blade are dishwasher safe.

Long and Short Bullet Cups – you get one short and one long cup with the Bullet Deluxe. Both are microwave and dishwasher safe. The tall cup is great for drinks and smoothies while the short cup is better for dips and salsa.

5 Party Mugs with Lip Rings – These party cups are great for guests or family members who all want different drinks or smoothies. You can serve them up without having to clean a large blender jar. The comfort lip rings all come in different colors to help everyone keep track of their cups.

Re-sealable Stay Fresh Lids – these let you safely store your leftovers in the fridge. They fit securely on both the long and short cups.

Shaker/Steamer Tops – One top has large holes for coarse ingredients like Parmesan cheese and the other has smaller holes for shaking finer ingredients like cinnamon or nutmeg. These tops let you serve toppings right from the cup or steam foods right in the microwave.

10 Second Magic Bullet Recipe Book – This 100 page recipe book has tips and tricks on using the Magic Bullet as well as every recipe shown on the Magic Bullet Infomercial. Some of the recipes include frozen drinks, gourmet dinners, breakfast, and delicious desserts. All can be blended in 10 seconds or less.

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