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If you are trying to find honest Magic Bullet reviews from someone who actually owned and used one, please check out this article. We will also show some of the lowest priced ones online for your convenience. At the bottom of this article you will find a chart comparing some of the different models including the newest release, the NurtiBullet.

I initially saw this handy gadget on an infomercial and knew I just had to get one. I can’t remember where we actually purchased it. I have a small addiction to infomercials for any kind of neat kitchen gadgets. I just love these handy inventions that make life easier and do the jobs more efficiently.

We owned the initial version of the little blender shortly after they were introduced. We used it nearly every day for many years. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and had to mix a special drink every night to help with her symptoms. It was a mixture of organic cottage cheese, flaxseed oil, and usually blueberries. I only mention this because it had to mix thoroughly and this mini blender did a super job in just a few seconds.

We also used it to chop nuts and some vegetables. We loved the ease of use, when all you had to do was mash down on the top to start and then release to stop. You had complete control. One drawback was it had only one speed. But because of this simplicity, there was little to go wrong with it. We used it on a daily basis for about six years before it “played out.” But for the very inexpensive price, six years of dependable service was more than we ever expected.

I used it to make delicious smoothies. It was powerful enough to pulverize the ice in the drinks to give that nice smooth mixture with different fruits. I usually added some protein powder to make them a little healthier. But it would quickly make an individual serving so that everyone didn’t have to have the same drink. That is one of the beauties of this machine, the ability to have single serve portions.

The smaller size of the Magic Bullet not only takes up less space on the countertop and makes it handier to use, it makes it very easy to clean up after use. This is so much easier to use than a conventional blender or food processor for those smaller tasks. But the smaller size does have its limitations. So don’t try to chop or blend large quantities with it.

I think the infomercials sometimes did a disservice to this little power house. Sometimes they showed that it would do the job in just three seconds when it might actually take 10-15 seconds in actual use. I know we are in a hurry up society, but who doesn’t have 15 seconds to whip up a smoothie.

Because you can leave it on the counter and clean-up is so easy, you will find you use t for jobs you would not usually use for a blender or food processor. One example is whipping a couple of eggs for an omelet. This one can be done with three short pulses and then to clean the small container is a breeze.

Most of the containers can also be used in a microwave oven. But be sure to use one of the lids with holes or you could have an explosion inside your microwave. Also, as written in the directions and on the side of the machine, never run the machine for over a minute or it could burn up the motor. Basically, if you use common sense, you will be fine and will enjoy your experience with your Magic Bullet blender.

If you look at the videos included, you will see that this is an excellent gadget for the health conscious people. It is great for mixing up your own healthy green smoothies. One of the suggestions for making it more efficient is to shake the whole machine between pulsing. This will help ensure complete blending. Again, using common sense, don’t try to cram too much into the juicer. Also be sure to add liquid to help the blending. I found that doing the ice separately before I added the other ingredients also helped chop the ice more evenly.

All in all we were very happy with ours. As long as you remember that the smaller size has many advantages, but also has some limitations, you should love your experience. I would definitely give our Magic Bulllet an enthusiastic thumbs up. Below is the chart reviewing the different models.

Please check out the chart below to see the differences in the various models available. Click on any of the links to get more complete information. Quantities may be limited on some models.

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