13-inch Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker Review

While doing the research for this review of the 13 inch Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker, I found most people had a special memory of the first time they tasted one of these delightful thin pancakes. Surprisingly, many had this culinary experience in France, the home of crepes. I also remember having my first crepe in southern France at an antiques fair. A charming young French girl expertly twirled the batter into a perfect circle on the large grill and within a minute or two, this mouth watering treat was ready. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and every tasty bite.

Krampouz, Quality Since 1949

After this delightful experience, many want to get their own crepe maker. To some that means getting one from France. Krampouz is a French company and a name you can trust since 1949.  The Tibos electric crepe maker is their home version, as they also have commercial models. They make their own products in France, unlike most other companies who have chosen the less expensive foreign manufacturing. Unfortunately, the attractive young French girl isn’t included. But, seriously, many want to be able to recreate the joy of making and enjoying all of the many kinds of crepes you can create with a little imagination. It can be a fun experience and enjoyed by the whole family.

Tasty Dessert Crepes

Look at the photo of the sinfully tasty crepe on the right and tell me your family wouldn’t enjoy one of these for dessert instead of a boring piece of cake. The photograph came from Wikimedia Commons and you can click on the photo for more details.

Large, 13 Inch Griddle on Tibos Crepe Maker

The large 13 inch griddle is one of the benefits of this electric crepe maker compared to many others. It allows you to make those large, thin crepes that can be filled with your favorite fillings. Of course, you don’t have to try to make those large ones, especially while you are learning. The smaller ones taste just as good.

Although this model was designed for making crepes, many users also use it for making the more common pancakes, as well as other things that can be cooked or grilled on a more traditional grill. This will allow you more use from this versatile appliance, which might become one of your favorites when you see all that it can do.

Notice how the grill portion extends out from the rest of the unit. This comes in handy if you accidentally spill some of the crepe batter over the edge of the grill. It will not spill over onto the rest of the crepe maker.

Tibos Crepe Maker Has Hot, Even Cooking Surface

You don’t have to worry about any uneven cooking  on this model. The heating elements are evenly distributed all across the large griddle so you can feel comfortable that your crepes will be cooked evenly from edge to edge. The griddle also heats up very quickly and get very hot. You probably will want to use a lower heat setting, especially while you are getting used to using it. I almost included a video of another electric crepe machine in use and you could see that the  edges were not cooked as well the center. This will not happen with this model.

While you get used to the different heat settings, you might ruin a few before you master it. But fast cooking times is one of the fun parts of making crepes. It takes less than a minute or so to cook each crepe, so you can fix them for the whole family fairly quickly.

During my research I found that many said it will take some practice to get comfortable with your own style of making crepes. It was suggested that you should watch a video or two to see how the professionals do it. I have included one video below to show you the proper technique, but remember they have been doing this a long time. I bet it took even these professionals some practice. And remember these are folded over before eating, so they don’t have to be perfectly round.

Set of Tools Included with Each Krampouz Crepe Machine

Included with this crepe maker is a full set of tools which are shown in the first photo. But opinions were about evenly split on how useful these tools are. Nearly everyone agreed that the plastic tool that has a triangular shape to spread the batter did not work very well. Having said that, I saw a video where someone was demonstrating it and it worked well. I think the other tools will work well enough for you, at least until you can get comfortable with the crepe machine.  Some people like a longer turner or prefer a different spreader. But, again, some loved the included tools.

Krampouz Tibos Grill Has a Non-stick Surface

I think it is obvious the benefits of a non-stick surface such as easy cleaning, and you probably also know that if you use any metal utensils, you might scratch the surface. The provided turner and scraper are both wooden to help preserve the surface. A cleaning brush is also included for your convenience. I also found a helpful suggestion to keep the box that it came in for easy storage that will also protect the top from being scratched if things are placed on top of it.

Instruction Manual Has Great Recipes

The included instruction manual has some great recipes. Remember, this is a French company and they should know what makes a good crepe. You might have your own favorite recipe, but the included ones will get you started on the right foot. Remember, as I mentioned earlier to back off from their recommended settings which tend to be too hot, especially for beginners.

Dimensions of Best Electric Crepe Maker

The unit measures 15.4″ by 15.1″ and is 5.4 inches tall. It weighs just less than 9 pounds making it easy to carry wherever necessary but heavy enough to be substantial. Several users took theirs outside to prepare crepes for outside activities. It can be used anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

Pros of the Krampouz  Tibos Crepe Maker

Customers loved the ease of making professional looking and tasting crepes with this model. It heats up quickly and allows for very short cooking times. The non-stick surface of the griddle makes for easy clean up. There is very even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface. The unit is manufactured in France by a company in business since 1949, and not in China or another Far East country.

Cons of  Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

If you are not careful it is easy to burn the crepes because the unit gets very hot. There is no off  switch, you need to disconnect it from the outlet. Some of the tools are not very useful. Like most non-stick surfaces it can scratch easily. It is more expensive than most other electric crepe makers.


Yes, this unit is priced more than some of the less expensive models. It allows you a choice in the kind and quality of crepe maker you want. There are other “made in China” versions available. But if you want  a well made appliance from a company that makes more expensive commercial models, you should consider this model. There were questions whether this unit could be used in a commercial setting. I found three people that used this model commercially. Two of them were very pleased and one would only use it occasionally. But it is designed for personal use.

Customers gave very favorable feedback and reviews for this Tibos machine. If you like to use the quality of professional made appliances, then you should consider this model. If you will only make crepes every once in a while getting the best electric crepe maker is not as important, or on a very limited budget, there are other options that you can find below this review.

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