Chop Magic

Before you buy the Chop Magic that you saw on TV, please read this review before you make a mistake.

This may be the shortest product review I have ever written. Please don’t waste your money on this food chopper. The TV ad makes it look like such a neat product that causes you to really want one. Burt at the time of this writing there were only 2 reviews. I hate to tell you NOT to buy something with only two reviews.

The two people who reviewed this product both gave it the lowest review possible. One got it as a Christmas present and tried with no success on a couple of items. Tried the second one and the blade broke. They threw theirs in the trash. The other one had similar results and is sending it back.

I help support my family by writing honest product reviews and make a small commission when someone buys through one of the links on my site. But if you buy something that I have recommended and you don’t like it, you will probably come back and write a terrible comment on my site and never come back. So please don’t waste your money on one of these things.

How they can make such a false commercial showing how easy it works knowing it doesn’t work that way is beyond me. I will research some of the other products on the market and will come back and give you some choices on ones that really do work. So please come back and see what I have found. I have reviewed many other kitchen gadgets on this site and will be doing many more.

Thank you for your time and I hope I saved you from wasting your money on this product.

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