Pause Your Netflix to Make These 3 Easy Recipes Using Frozen Pierogies

You know you’re on a serious Netflix binge when you get that judge-y “Are You Still Watching?” message and yell back to your screen, “It’s the middle of winter, my dog is asleep on my legs, and I want to understand those Russian Doll memes, so of course I’m still watching, Netflix!” We know you […]

13-inch Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker Review

While doing the research for this review of the 13 inch Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker, I found most people had a special memory of the first time they tasted one of these delightful thin pancakes. Surprisingly, many had this culinary experience in France, the home of crepes. I also remember having my first crepe in southern France […]

RECIPES FROM THE KITCHN 8 Easy Desserts with 5 Ingredients (or Fewer)

A short ingredient list is the not-so-secret secret to the absolute easiest desserts. When you start with just a handful of pantry ingredients, you’re guaranteed a sweet treat in next to no time at all. The following desserts — ranging from brownies to Rice Krispies treats to ice cream — require just five ingredients or […]

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet Reviews 2018 – Best Blender Comparison Guide

Nutribullet and Magic Bullet are renowned manufacturers of high quality blenders. The competition level on this market is huge, and it’s getting fiercer by the year as people realize the importance of healthy eating. ​For those who decided to make the most out of every meal and get the necessary daily dose of all the […]

The Presidents’ Day Sales Your Kitchen Wants You to Know About

Presidents’ Day is one of those holidays that manages to pass by without much fanfare. It’s not a day that you’re necessarily going to have off from work or school, so it might even be a source of mild resentment. But there is something to be glad about, even if you are working: It’s our […]